Day 6: Shrewsbury to Leigh 71 miles (+1956 ft)

Another easier day! Albeit abit of a “link day” as Darren described to get us properly in the North by the end of the day.

A great brew stop in Hanmer in lovely location shown in the picture, where from the local shop we were treated to ‘Grandma’s Homemade Ginger cake’

Lunch today was at a farm diversifying out into operating a cafe. It was another great stop catering well for cyclists.

The afternoon had lots of quiet country roads but got busy in the afternoon travelling from Warrington to Leigh. However we did venture off on to some lovely canals to avoid worst of the traffic.


Somehow I managed to fall off my bike whilst cycling near Leigh. Thankfully my team mates all came to my rescue and got me out of the road quickly. Got a cut elbow and lots of bumps and bruises.

I’m told I am a proper cyclist now as my first concern was whether my bike was ok!

Arrived at the Hotel which was a Holiday Inn Express this evening so not far to walk for our supper which was a relief!!

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